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Night with Your Knight

Night with Your Knight Dinner Event

Step back in time to a land of knights and ladies. Chivalry is not dead! We are excited for our young men to not only have a great evening with mom but realize her value and beauty. Mom, grandma,or friend enjoy dinner with your son(s) and a jovial night of dancing. Not only will your time together be special, but it will be memorable as well. Each son will receive our 2019 medal of honor celebrating one characteristic you consider unique of him (nothing publicly to embarrass). Be prepared to choose from a list we have created when ordering your tickets. If you are ordering for a friend please have them choose in advance, so they will be able to make that decision and take the time to do so. If you wish to sit with a group of people, you must purchase your tickets together.

Choose a trait from the following list: Chivalry (giving honor and courtesy to ladies), Bravery (courageous behavior or character), Humility (thinking of others above yourself), Perseverance (continued effort to accomplish a goal despite challenges), or Loyalty (remaining committed to others at all times)

Visit our Event store, there will be lots of fun items available for purchase to commemorate your evening. There will also be a photographer available the night of the event that may be purchased at reasonable prices. The event will start promptly at 5:30pm, it is best to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the start time of your event! A full meal and dessert will be served, so bring your appetite! Dancing and a wagon ride to follow.

Unfortunately, a discount is not available for mothers who attend both mother/son events. If you find that you are attending multiple NwyK events, please contact the event coordinator. Your name will be added to a list, then visit the event store the night of the event to pick up a complimentary gift for your inconvenience.

All Night w/your Knight ticket sales are final. This is a fundraising event, I'm sorry we will not allow refunds. If you are unable to attend, please sell or give your tickets to a friend! We truly appreciate your attendance.

  • Where
    The Sheid at ASUMH
    1600 South College Street
    Mountain Home, AR
  • When
    Friday, May 10th
  • Ages/Times
    3-9 | 5:30-7:30 PM
    10 & UP | 8:00-10:00 PM
  • Dress Attire
    Mothers - Wear your prettiest dress
    Sons - Dress to impress your Mothers
  • Tickets
    $25 Each
    $30 VIP